Transition Program

Empowering Futures, Transforming Lives: Nurturing Haitian Orphans with AIDS on their Journey to Adulthood.

About the Transition Program

As our children approach adulthood, we recognize the importance of preparing them for independent living and sustainable livelihoods. Our transition program equips young adults with the necessary life skills, vocational training, and support networks to successfully transition into adulthood.

Through partnerships with vocational training centers and apprenticeship programs, we offer a range of vocational courses and skills development workshops to prepare our young adults for employment opportunities. Additionally, we provide mentorship and career counseling to help them identify their strengths, interests, and career goals.

Furthermore, our transition program includes housing support for young adults who may not have stable housing arrangements upon leaving the center. We offer transitional housing options and financial assistance to ensure they have a safe and supportive environment as they embark on their journey towards independence.