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CHOAIDS Unsung Heroes

July 2023

CHOAIDS is a small but growing organization with a history of bringing in donors of diverse backgrounds from various parts of the U.S. to support its mission.

Welcome Dr. Rita Marie Smith

May 2023

 In late March, we welcomed our newest addition to the CHOAIDS Board, Dr. Rita Marie Smith!  Rita comes with a repertoire of widespread knowledge and talent.

We Moved!

March 2023

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been in the process of relocating our home, children, and staff to Cap-Haitien.  This move was not a decision we came to lightly…

Big News To Kick Off the New Year

January 2023

Here at CHOAIDS, we have some big things to share with you.  As you well know, the capital of Haiti is in a state of terror as gangs take over neighborhoods and commit heinous acts of…

News & Updates - Holiday Edition

November 2022

So much has transpired since our last newsletter was sent in September.  Through the trials and difficulties, one thing has remained constant – YOUR SUPPORT! 

Latest Update - Haiti is in a state of crisis

October 2022

Gangs have infiltrated numerous communities across Haiti, resulting in an overall “humanitarian crisis.”  Stores are looted and delivery trucks raided, leaving grocery shelves…

It's a CHOAIDS Celebration

October 2022

On Friday, September 2nd, we officially transitioned 4 of our kids from CHOAIDS into their new home with the Go Project!  Their campus is located just a short drive from… 

Our New Arrival!

September 2022

Last newsletter, we informed you of our newest addition to the CHOAIDS home, 4-year-old Rene Robendy.  We’re happy to report that he’s doing well and adjusting to his new home. 

Letter to Our Donors

August 2022

Since 2003, CHOAIDS has been caring for orphaned children living with HIV in Haiti. You have always been behind us in the face of natural disasters, health crises, societal…

A New Arrival

July 2022

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our orphanage, Rene Robendy.  This sweet little man is three years old and has not yet walked.  Rene was the youngest child in a…

Latest Happenings - May '22

May 2022

Our CHOAIDS Clothing Drive is in full swing and we are still accepting donations!  The kids are growing so fast and most have outgrown their clothes.  We have created an Amazon Wish…

Latest Happenings - March '22

March 2022

On Saturday, February 12, Zachary, Jordany, Thyerritson, Stanley, Wilka, and Joseph moved into a small apartment, about a 10-minute walk from the CHOAIDS home.  Though our…

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