Josh Mckenna

Board Chair

My Story

In 2011, Josh began visiting several organizations in Haiti a couple times each year. On his first trip, Josh met an 8 year old haitian boy named Joseph. At the time, Joseph lived in an orphanage and no one knew he was HIV-positive. When he was 13, his positive status was discovered and he was removed from that orphanage. For years Joseph lived on the street – his body and spirit wasting away – but Josh struggled to find a caring home for him. Years later, in 2020, Josh found CHOAIDS. After several conversations with Founder Marie Denis-Luque, CHOAIDS agreed to give Joseph proper medical care, a loving home, and proper education.
Josh’s heart for compassion and faith-action can be credited to his father, Joe McKenna (pictured right). Josh and his wife, Rachel, have five biological children (ages 7-18) and one college-aged “foster child” (25). Josh loves partnering with Rachel to lead their home team, and especially enjoys working with each of his children to elevate their talents and passions. One day he hopes to do the same with many children in Haiti. Both Josh and Rachel grew up in Kansas and attended the University of Kansas. They now reside in Overland Park, Kansas. Josh is currently the Vice President of Operations for Caliber Wealth Management. In his career, he is most fulfilled while planning, forming, and implementing essential systems for organizations to achieve extraordinary vision. He is passionate about CHOAIDS’ vision and working to help the organization move toward its dream…for the kiddos.