About Ben Stites


My Story

Ben Stites first visited the CHOAIDS home with his good friends from KC in February 2020 and was moved by the hearts of those he met who are providing safety, learning and medical care for children that otherwise would been exposed and exploited on the streets. CHOAIDS is a true example of the heart of Christ and serving the “least of these” in Matthew 25:40. Since that visit to Haiti, Ben has been involved with several different organizations in Haiti, helping where he can. Ben has been married to his lovely wife, Elizabeth, since 2003 and they have four wonderful children; Hampton, Lucy, Reid and Tillman. When he isn’t working, Ben loves coaching his kids sports and playing golf with friends or family. Ben is a believer and follower of Christ and his family attends Life.Church in Overland Park, KS. He is currently working with the Netspend Corporation (based in Austin, TX) as a Vice President of Partnership Development.